Serving as a well-timed reprieve from this intense winter weather, we are excited to say that Kings County Tennis League (KCTL) will be back on the courts in less than a month!

On Saturday, February 3, KCTL will kick off this year’s Indoor Winter Tennis Program at Pratt Institute. 2018 will be our second year of year-round programming and everyone is looking forward to returning to tennis with our students!

Registration for the eight-week session reached capacity after just seven days which really goes to show how excited our students are to expand upon the skills they have learned in the summer and fall. Building on this base, this year’s Winter Program will continue to teach the fundamentals of tennis, facilitate strategy development on the court, and introduce specialty shots such as drop shots and lobs.

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“The eight-week Winter Program will focus on reinforcing correct grips and technique along with developing hand-eye coordination for the younger students and improving fitness and movement for the older students,” said Dave Webley, elaborating on Winter lesson plans. “A specially designed fitness program will be implemented as one of the stations so the students can look forward to a great Saturday morning workout along with plenty of tennis action!”

Much like last year’s Winter Program, KCTL will once again host a running series of field trips for its students in addition to time spent on the courts. One trip already scheduled is an outing to the tennis expo day at the New York Open on February 10, which is guaranteed to be an action packed day of tennis for all ages.

Alongside a large group of faithful volunteers and our Program Manager, Dave Webley, this year’s Winter Program’s staff will also include Kim Diehl and Shonda Bacchus, who work together at the Sumner site during the Summer Program.

We look forward to seeing you all in February!