On Saturday, we piled kids, parents and volunteers onto two school buses and took them to the Billie Jean National Tennis Center in Flushing, NY for Arthur Ashe Kids Day! The National Tennis Center was abuzz with thousands of kids and adults. It was great to see so many tennis enthusiasts in one place!

It was a really great day where the kids got to run a variety of drills on the courts, play fun games like Speedzone: How Fast is Your Serve?, and watch the pro tennis players practice--there was even a Roger Federer sighting! Activities were split up by age, so everyone got to do a little something. I was very impressed not only by how well-behaved all the students were amid the 'chaos' but also by their tennis skills! I saw a Marcy student hit a 65 mph serve! Several of them rallied against the pros as if they had been playing since they were born. It was a proud day for KCTL. Later in the afternoon, some of the students entered Arthur Ashe Stadium and enjoyed musical performances from Carly Rae Jepsen and The Wanted.

It was an inspiring day where the kids got to experience both the history and potential future of the sport of tennis. view all the photos from KCTL's trip to Arthur Ashe Kids Day, visit out Facebook page.