Last Saturday's class was all about getting back into the swing of things. After two cancelled classes due to weather, and another shortened for the same reason, it was nice to spend the full two hours on the courts with the kids.

At Tompkins Tennis Club, we practiced backhands. We got the kids in two lines and practiced having them "open the door and close the door," first on their forehand side and then on their backhand side. Giving the kids ample time to practice their swing, allowed for the volunteers to check each child's grip on the racket and their starting and stopping points (waist-level and above the shoulder respectively.)

After that, a few of the more seasoned players played out some points during a King of the Court match. The other kids focused on drills to get more comfortable with the backhand.

All in all another great Saturday class, below are a few photos from the different sites. Visit the KCTL Facebook page to view more photos from class at all four sites.