Saturday's class was one of our best. The weather was perfect, sunny and the wind was calm. The kids and volunteers both came out in full force. At Tompkins we even laid down lines for two youth-sized courts, so the kids could play out points while getting some perspective on court dimensions and strategy. It's pretty amazing to take a plain old blacktop and turn it into a legitimate tennis court. And it paid off, the kids were eager to get on to it and see what they could do.

We had a special surprise at each of the four sites too, but we can't tell you about it yet! Don't worry though, I'll let you know all about it when the time is right. When will the time be right, you ask? Oh, you know... some time around... *drumroll* the U.S. Open! Yea, it's big, exciting news!

In the meantime, check out these vines (short video clips) from Tompkins site. You can find us on your mobile device using the Vine app: KCTL. The first video are a few kids going through some drills. The second vine video is the end of class cheer.

DON'T MISS IT: Our fundraiser is happening soon on August 15th! If you're in NYC, come celebrate with KCTL and learn more about this amazing program. If you're too far away to join, please consider making a donation to the program. Big or small, it helps. To buy tickets or make a donation, visit our EventBrite page.

Eventbrite - Kings County Tennis League 4th Annual Fundraiser!