At Marcy:

To celebrate the fact that the students are "graduating" from another year of KCTL, we played a graduation-themed game where the kids completed various challenges to progress through different levels of education. To graduate high school, they had to hit a forehand past the service line. To graduate college, they had to hit a backhand past the service line. To get a masters degree, they had to hit three volleys. To get a PhD, students had to sustain a rally with a volunteer for 10 shots total (meaning they had to successfully hit the ball 5x). To become President of the US, they had to hit a target. After everyone successfully became president, we played a rallying game with the class and then played our final game of breakout.

At Tompkins:

We divided the kids based on age, and had them play/hit as many ball as possible as final preparation for next week's end-of-season tennis tournament. The kids hit against each other and then with volunteers. It's amazing to watch to see how their skills have improved since the beginning of the season--I'm really looking forward to seeing them play against the other kids next week. We held a large, off-court talk, where each student talked about what tennis (and the weekly classes) meant to them. As a volunteer, it was incredibly touching to hear how much the kids enjoyed tennis, learning something new each week, and befriending the volunteers. We ended our final class of the season with a site favorite, an oldie but a goodie, a big group game of breakout!