Can you believe we're headed towards the end of the season already? July and August have just flown by! This past Saturday, things went back to our regularly scheduled programming after an amazing intra-league Davis Cup tournament last week.

Marcy played a lot of games and match play, and broke into serves. Lafayette Gardens had a 2:1 student to volunteer ratio, as did Sumner. A perfect opportunity for the volunteers to work with the students on the fundamentals. Tompkins Houses had Family Day, so there wasn't too much tennis happening there. Overall a really nice day.

This coming Saturday, we have one of our big events of the season: Arthur Ashe Kids Day. AAKD is an opportunity for parents and kids to experience tennis together on the main stage. Kids will go on the courts to play with the pros and participate in fun games. They will also get to watch the top pros practice. Buses leave at 9:00AM, we get back at 4:30PM.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who support KCTL during our annual fundraiser. It was a spectacular evening and we hope to have photos soon!