The volunteer of this month is Lafayette Gardens’s Corbin Wong. Corbin has been with KCTL for what seems like even before it started! Over the past few years Corbin has shown his commitment to KCTL’s mission both on and off the court. On the court he’s been a consistent volunteer who’s familiarity, abstract thinking, and play with the students have helped advance their confidence and skill. Corbin was recently seen on the court teaching the “zen” and focus of tennis to our youngest and newest LG players—after which followed a skillful forehand from one of the students.

Off the court Corbin has dedicated his time to spreading KCTL’s mission and fundraising as a Board Member. Recently, Corbin along with John Richmond (another Board Member) organized KCTL’s first ever Pride fundraiser. This event not only exceeded turn out expectations, but also garnered donations from names such as Diane von Fürstenberg.

Cheers to Corbin for all he’s done and all he continues to do.