For the 2014 season, KCTL is proud to introduce a new, formalized mentoring component to weekly classes: off-court educational discussions.

As mentors, our volunteers do more than teach the fundamentals of groundstrokes, volleys and footwork. While coaching and playing tennis with the kids is certainly valuable--and lots of fun!--KCTL’s first priority has always been youth development. With that in mind, we’re going to make mentoring a bigger focus this season through meaningful conversations, aka off-court talks. 

Held during water breaks in small groups of three to five, off-court talks are volunteer-led, open discussions to inspire knowledge, critical thinking and positive communication for our students. Each weekly talk addresses a scheduled topic made appropriate for the group’s age level, and all students are encouraged to share their opinions. Throughout the season, we'll be covering topics such as Peer Pressure, Time Management, Family Values, Sportsmanship and more!

We look forward to bringing additional educational value to kids this season through the tool of conversation. Check back each week to see what we covered in our discussions. You just might learn something, too!