On Saturday, July 6, Andy Murray broke a 77-year dry spell for Britain. He won London's grand slam, Wimbledon aka The Championships, by beating Novak Djokovic 6-4 7-5 6-4. It was an impressive match, you can watch match highlights here.

Andy Murray is Scottish and British and currently ranked #2 in the world. The past year has been a solid one for him, he won the gold at the 2012 Olympics beating Roger Federer, and Murray won the 2012 US Open beating Djokovic.


Murray's been playing tennis competitively since the age of 11. Later at 16, he was diagnosed with bipartite patella, where the kneecap remains as two separate bones instead of fusing together in early childhood. During matches, you'll see Murray frequently hold his knee due to the pain caused by the condition. It's incredible that he can play and win with an ailment like that!


Murray's playing style includes groundstrokes with low error rate, an nuanced ability to anticipate and react and quick transitions from defense to offense. Murray is one of the top returners in the game, returning fast serves with his excellent reach and ability to anticipate. For this reason, Murray is rarely aced. Murray is known for being one of the most intelligent tacticians on the court, often constructing points. It's also been suggested that Murray has the best lob in the game.

For more information, visit his Wikipedia page.