We're approaching mid-season, and I thought that instead of just posting the usual video tutorial, I'd post a few inspiring videos. KCTL is determined to bring tennis to the kids because we truly believe kids can learn so many things about themselves and life through the game of tennis, and that everyone should have the opportunity to play if they so choose.

Here's a quick video from the USTA highlighting that yes, Under 10 youth tennis is definitely real tennis. And these kids are yes, real tennis players. If you disagree, swing by the KCTL courts the next time we have a public event. We'll change your mind!

For more inspiration, here's a video of Serena Williams playing at age 12.

Lastly, here's a video from PlaySportsTV for our players and coaches. Sometimes it can be hard for younger kids to keep the ball in the court as they begin to rally with each other. Try a "juggle rally" to keep the ball in play longer. Watch the video on YouTube.