From Tompkins:

Tompkins had a great turn out this week. To warm up we ran relay races and tried out a new obstacle course with jumping jacks, figure eights (for footwork) and ball bounces (for racket control.) We opted to split the kids up into two groups--boys and girls. One group worked on backhands and forehands while the other group worked on proper volley form (punching the ball, stepping towards the net), then they switched. At the end of the day, everyone joined up together and the kids played rounds of King/Queen of the Court against themselves with a volunteer feeding.



From Marcy:

It was another play date for Marcy this week with Sumner Tennis Club joining them at the Marcy tennis court. The two teams rotated through the five stations per usual. Volleys at Station 1--we focused on emphasizing proper movement and form and kept the pace quick so the kids had to keep moving. Station 2 was a kid-favorite: Beat the Pro where students rally against a volunteer. Station 3 was the obstacle course where kids worked on footwork and general fitness. On the main court (Station 4), students worked on hitting balls with movement--baseline stroke, approach shot, volley with an emphasis on split-step and side steps. Station 5 was the off-court discussion. This week's topic was on nutrition. Read more about the off-court talk in Thursday's post.