This past weekend, students at Marcy focused on getting ready to play some matches. The session started with our site leader leading the warm-up and stretching session. We then separated students into different groups based on their level. Our youngest and most beginner players drilled on basic forehand and backhand form. After hitting both backhands and forehands, they practiced their volleys and serve. Our intermediate and advanced students focused mainly on their ground strokes. While playing points, we took time to practice our serving techniques and strategy. As we played, students called the game and kept track of their points.

We started our off-court session with Acrostic Poems and a Hot Seat Interview. Students worked on poems while two of our volunteers assisted the students with the interview. Once finished with the off-court portion, students and volunteers got on the court to play a game of breakout. As usual, we ended class huddled with our hands in a circle cheering, “ Marcy Tennis!”