At Marcy:

We hosted students from Sumner Tennis Club AND we had almost a full house at Marcy. So class was a very large group of students--the more the merrier, right?! Despite lousy weather, we managed to squeeze in almost a full class before it rained. We did stations including: footwork obstacle course, groundstroke target hitting, rallying, match play, and various "racquet-free" hand-eye coordination games for some of the smaller kids. Then everyone joined up on the big court for a game of breakout, which we didn't finish--in part because of the rain, but also because site leader Maayan told us if anyone caught a ball hit by Bryce (Sumner's site leader and very strong player,) everyone on the "catching" side of the net would be given amnesty to return to hitting. On our fourth try, a student caught one (!) and everyone scrambled back to the safe side, then shortly after, it began to rain.