Saturday, June 9th was a beautiful day for tennis. The students started their session with a quick warm-up which included high knees, butt kicks, lunges and sprints, which eased them into an exciting morning of drilling and games. 

The session was split into different age groups: the older kids at the full-sized court and the younger kids at the pop-up nets by the wall. 

Team Marcy worked on their forehands, backhands, serves and volleys, with games in each station. The groups rotated throughout the stations and played a different game at each. One game they played was called “Bonzai,” where two teams hit volleys and raced to get to 10 points (a point per volley). When either team hit a target, they yelled out “Bonzai” and their opponent’s score would reset to zero. The kids loved the game and so did our volunteers!

After the tennis portion was over, Gary, our Educational Coordinator, led a session where the kids got into groups of two and wrote down their similarities and interests in a venn diagram. 

Overall, it was a fantastic session and everyone had a blast!