The weather was nice and we had our two sister sites, Marcy and Tompkins, running smoothly like usual. But it was a big weekend, as we opened our 3rd site at Lafayette Gardens!!! You can view some of the photos on Facebook courtesy of Lafayette Gardens' Resident President, TYree Stanback. Overall, we had over 70 kids participate this Saturday!

At Tompkins, many of the kids showed up on time -- something we've been focusing on to ensure that they stretch and warm-up properly -- so we started class with relay races, then broke into smaller stations working on agility skills and stroke development. Some of the kids got to play small matches. Yuma won the big game of Jailbreak at the end class. Go Yuma! It was also Ishmael's birthday, so cheers to him.

Good times had by all. Looking forward to next Saturday.