Class at Tompkins this Saturday was all about the serve. Students were split into three groups based on skills and learned different aspects of serving. Our beginner players are still learning to hit so they spent the first half of class on the continued development of their forehand. They then got the chance to serve by bouncing the ball then hitting. You can already see they are stars in the making.

Our intermediate players are already developing solid rallying skills so this week they got to learn the ins and outs of serving. One of the coaches shadowed serves for them, then walked them through the process. They learned how to place their feet, how to toss the ball, when to make contact with the ball, and what parts of the court to serve the ball too.

Our more advanced players have been learning to serve for a few years now. They already know the basics, so this week was about perfecting their serve. They were tasked to target their serves to various locations in the service box. They also learned how to serve under pressure: the score is 30/40, it's break point. Can you make this serve count, stay in the game?

Overall it was a fun day, and as always our students showed that they were up for any challenge.