From Marcy

Being that Marcy court is under renovation(!) we had to improvise and utilize what readily available space we had. We had 15 students and eight volunteers on Saturday. For this session the main areas of focus was of course the continuation of the forehand. And we added the proper technique and form for hitting the backhand. This session also included one footwork and one agility drill station, and for our younger students of the game, we had various relay races, which they loved!

From Tompkins

Tompkins class had a slow start as their was a block party happening around the corner. But eventually the kids showed up and we broke them into three sections by skill level -- advanced, intermediate and beginners. The advanced students worked on agility, footwork and improving their forehand and backhand techniques. The intermediate students hit a ton of forehands and backhands, with a special focus of keeping their feet moving. The younger kids played a few different games and worked on hand-eye coordination.

From Sumner

This week we continued practicing the forehand technique but the backhand technique was the primary focus. The student did relays, beat the pro and a fun game of pacman that everyone enjoyed. The off court discussion went over the topic of family and what their value systems are as well as their individual experiences had with family and friends.