At Marcy site, we had two "new" instructors helping out: KCTL Vice-President, Jonathan Williams, was our site leader for the day and Jose, a former KCTL student of the program, returned to volunteer with the kids for the day. Saturday's lesson focused on bringing together the prior 4 weeks lessons--Forehands, Backhands and Footwork/Agility. We placed our student into groups of four and five, and then placed them at our usual drills/skills station setup. The students had the opportunity to work on all the components of the game at each of the stations with two volunteers coaches at each station. After few minutes, we had each group rotate to the next station, where a new skill and drill was introduced.

Our Off Court Discussion was in regards to Family and Personal Values. I must say with such a diverse group of students, I found that most of our students share the same family and personal values in one form or another, such as telling the truth, being healthy, helping others, getting good grades/education, and being safe and secured. What a great team. What great kids.