From Marcy

Since Thursday was the last day of school for our students, we started our discussion by asking the question... How does everyone feel now that the school year was over. Everyone answered, Happy! We asked them to think back to the first day of school and all that happen since that first day, how would they say the school year turn out for them, and most answered that the year was good. For tennis, we had the kids go through the five stations (four tennis drills and one discussion station).

From Tompkins

During this week's class, the children did mostly rallying, rotating between four different stations focusing on forehand serving. The focus of the off-court discussion was mainly on peer pressure, and there was a brief introduction of site coordinator, Charisse and her role at Tompkins, to build trust and rapport with the kids.

From Sumner

For the second week in a row, Sumner students practiced rallying by playing King of the Court. We also briefly introduced the kids to volleying and played a few Sumner favorites: Pac-Man, Jailbreak, and Frogger. In the group off-court discussion, we talked about peer pressure.