From Marcy

This week our focus was on introduction to Volleys/Footwork. Station 1) was used to introduce the proper technique and stance. Station 2) was the volley & catch station. Station 3) was footwork and agility. Station 4) on the Main Court put into play all the skills taught at the other three stations. Station 5) was the off court discussion group.

From Tompkins

This week, we had a lower turnout of kids than normal, but it gave us an opportunity for the volunteers to work one-one-one with a kid. First, we taught them how to volley--to step up to the net and hit the ball over with a quick "punch" rather than a full stroke like a forehand or backhand. The kids took to it immediately and really enjoyed the practice. After having them hit forehand and backhand volleys, the kids chose a volunteer to partner up with and we played a modified version of King/Queen of the Court, where the winning team played up to the net and responded with volleys.