This past weekend at Lafayette Gardens students focused on preparing for the upcoming KCTL Davis Cup Tournament.

Our youngest and most beginner players drilled on basic forehand and backhand form. After hitting both backhands and forehands, they played a few ball and racquet related games.

Our intermediate and advanced students focused on doubles play and strategy. While playing we took time to practice our serving techniques. As we played, students called the game and kept track of their points. 

We began our off-court session by celebrating a teammate’s birthday with cupcakes. As we ate, students shared the information they had prepared about Argentina, the country we’ll be representing at the Davis Cup. One of our volunteers then explained how doubles is traditionally played. 

Once finished with the off-court portion, students and volunteers got on the court to play a game of breakout. As usual, we ended class huddled with one hand in a circle cheering, “LG!”