This week there was a tennis extravaganza like no other at Jackie Robinson Park. All of our tennis champions hit the courts and brought their family and friends along for Family Day! Everyone looks forward to Family Day each and every year for many reasons. One reason being that our students are so excited to share their love of tennis with friends and family. Another reason we love Family Day is that it gives King’s County Tennis League another great opportunity to strengthen the bond that we have with the families that makes our program so wonderful.

We rocked out with tons of fun games and activities, including a ball rolling race, a forehand volley challenge, and a fan favorite, “Breakout.” With students and parents alike, swinging low to high over their shoulder and running towards the net to hit a volley towards their team’s target, it was a fun-filled, action packed session. During the off-court portion of the class, the students were given the task of finding the measurements of the court and worked in team’s to get the job done. The Jackie Robinson Park tennis courts were filled with fun and learning on Saturday, just the way we like it.