Saturday, July 14, was great day at Marcy. The weather was perfect and the kids were excited to work on their game after last week's tournament at Highland Park!

Now that the Highland Park tournament was complete, the students started working towards the annual KCTL tournament, Davis Cup, on July 28. Amped for more tournament play, everyone was busy practicing competitive points and trying to build their all-around game. The younger students who use the red and orange balls played on the pop-up nets by the wall, utilizing games such as King of the court and breakout. The older kids were on the main court and worked both on their rallies and competitive points. Additionally, they played doubles points against each other and worked on basic doubles strategies such as covering your partner and attacking the net. 

After our tennis session was over, Gary, our education coordinator, led a lengthy discussion and helped us come to an agreement on our biggest debate to date, our Davis Cup Country. The Pick? Australia!