This past Saturday, we had a full court of volunteers and three students: Jonathan (last 30 mins), Katelynn and Janelly. We warmed up with relay races and stretching followed by skills development. We focused on ball direction and hitting target areas of the court. We had volunteers stand in four corners of the court with each representing the letters B-A-L-L. If a player hits a ball near the volunteers, they get the letter. The object of the game is to spell BALL first. We did this with the carousel drill with forehands and backhands.

After the warm-up, the core skill we worked on was volleys. We played quick-volleys with three people on each side while rotating every three to four points. Volunteers and students played together and everyone had a lot of fun.

Then we drew two square boxes with chalk on the court and played rolling dodge ball. A student in the middle jumps over a ball that pairs across from each other roll. If the ball touches any part of the foot or ankle, the student is out and the person who rolled the ball goes into the middle to be the jumper. We all took turns playing and it was a good way to practice coordination and agility.

After practicing volleys and doing rolling dodge ball, we played champion of the court in pairs with students serving to start the point.

The session wrapped up with a group interview of Anna and Sahil. They asked insightful questions. Then students participated in a get to know each other exercise and completed Venn diagrams.