Andy Ram

Andy Ram

Kings County Tennis League recently had the pleasure of speaking with retired tennis pro Andy Ram. Andy, who hails from Israel, is best known for his performance in Men’s Doubles; in 2008, he and his partner Jonathan Elrich ranked fifth in the world.

Today, Andy serves as the CEO of Pulse Play, a social tennis smart watch for scorekeeping and rankings. Though Andy no longer competes on the court, his continued involvement in the tennis community positions him as an excellent resource to players of all abilities. Whether you’re just learning the game or have been playing for decades, we hope that Andy’s tennis advice works to your advantage.

How were you introduced to tennis?

My father introduced me to tennis when I was five years old. As an ex-soccer player who experienced multiple injuries, he wanted his kids to play non-contact sports.

Who were your role models as you first learned the game?

Jimmy Conners, Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, but my favorite was definitely Andre Agassi.

What advice would you give to a discouraged young player who hasn't yet mastered the basics?

Always remember you're there to enjoy the game. If you combine your dedication and commitment with a smile, you'll both master the basics and enjoy the journey getting there.

What do you think is the greatest mental/emotional benefit of playing tennis?

Balancing the competitive nature of the game with respect and sportsmanship. This is a huge part of the game and something you can extend to your life outside the court.

What is the greatest tennis-related challenge you've had to overcome in your career?

Coming back to the game from injury. In 2002, I underwent two surgeries: one on my knee and the other on my back. I was on crutches for three months and out of the game for a year. Starting again from zero to get back to pro-level was the toughest challenge I ever experienced, but I persevered and I did it.

Pulse Play's social integration is building a global community of tennis players. How do you feel that tennis builds community in general?

What I love about tennis is how naturally social it is. It's an international sport that brings people together.

What is your favorite thing about tennis?

I love the game of tennis because there is no age limit. You can play it from the age of five years old to 90 (and I actually know some 90-year-olds who play it!). It's a sport you can enjoy for life, and from which you can benefit physically, mentally and socially.