The establishment of Jackie Robinson Tennis Club is one of our proudest accomplishments this year. On the tennis courts beside the Brevoort Houses at Jackie Robinson Park, we're providing new opportunities for children and, as a result, providing something new for families.

Among those families is a woman named Tiffany Oliver, the devoted mother of two Jackie Robinson students, Aminah and Amaia, who are 11 and eight years old, respectively.



Tiffany is pictured here with her two daughters and their father, Jerry. Tiffany stands out as a parent who consistently supports her children from beyond the sidelines, and takes a vested interest in their tennis progress and personal development.

She was kind enough to enlighten us on her experiences with Jackie Robinson Tennis Club.

How did you and your daughters find out about Kings County Tennis League?

We saw flyers in the neighborhood before the season's start. We were immediately intrigued by the opportunity.

Prior to joining, had Aminah and Amaia ever played tennis before or did they know about tennis?

No, before joining KCTL, Aminah and Amaia had no experience playing tennis. However, they knew about the game and had always expressed an interest in playing because I played during my teenage years.

What have Amina and Amaia told you they like best the program?

Beyond playing tennis itself--they're most excited by the volunteers that they are working with. They're extremely helpful and friendly.

What do you personally like best about it?

I'm most pleased by everyone's positive attitudes. Everyone has been extraordinarily welcoming.

Do you think they will play again with us next summer?

Yes! I would love for the girls to participate again next year and in any other activities KCTL has available.