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Class Recap: Forehands & Backhands

Last Saturday was so much fun. We worked on forehands and backhands, progressing towards rallying in preparation for this week's Davis Cup competition between all four sites. Lafayette Gardens came out in full force, with 6 volunteers and 20 students. Marcy even started working on serves!

This coming Saturday, we'll be holding an intra-league Davis Cup at Marcy site! Stop by and see how the kids are progressing!



Class Recap: Forehand/Backhand Combo


Class Recap: Forehand/Backhand Combo

Another great week for KCTL at all four sites. We worked on forehands and backhands and then switching between the two strokes based on where the ball lands. A helpful tip for kids who aren't motivated to do the stroke correctly, because they manage to get the ball over the net any which way: Remind kids that as they get older and play better opponents, the ball will be coming at them very fast and have a strong stroke foundation will prepare them to handle increasing speed and force and tricks like top-spin and slices.

One way to teach the forehand:

GRIP: We tell the kids to shake hands with their racquet using the hand they write with.

MOTION 1: Then we tell them to "open the door," swinging their arm out to the side behind them.

MOTION 2: Then they "close the door," swinging their racquet in front of their body.

END: The kids should catch the racket with their opposite hand above their shoulder and shift back into the "ready position."

One way to teach the backhand, building on the forehand:

STEP 1: We have the kids grip their racket like they're doing a forehand and then add their other hand to the grip slightly above the racquet.

STEP 2: Take a small step forward with their dominant foot, which is the same side as the hand they write with.

STEP 3: Then they "open the door" using both hands on the opposite side of the body than the forehand.

STEP 4: They "close the door," swinging the racket across their body and ending above the opposite shoulder.

Here's a pic from class at Lafayette Gardens! Cya on Saturday!




VIDEOS: The Forehand

Last week's class and this upcoming Saturday class are both focused on the basic forehand swing. Here are a few videos to teach and inspire. If you follow along with the videos, and are wondering, KCTL mainly teaches kids the Eastern forehand grip which is the name for when the player "shakes hands" with the racquet.

Tennis Tips: Forehand - Rafael Nadal and Caroline Wozniacki
Watch how the professionals swing, includes explanation of different grips and the overall motion of the move.

Tennis Drills for Kids - Evan Tennis
Watch this little boy complete a running forehand similar to Roger Federer's modern take on the swing.

Tennis Forehand- Basic Technique
This video goes over the basics, grip and swing and recovery. Also explains the forehand for left-handed players. Important: "It's best to add power when you can control contact and direction."