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VIDEOS: Fancy Footwork

With all the different types of strokes and stroke variations, it's easy to forget that tennis is a game of footwork too! Fancy footwork is very important when it comes to moving around the court, being able to move from side to side, forward and back without getting tripped up. Below are two videos that show helpful drills for footwork that can be done during class or on a student's own time.

For the Younger Athletes
Tennis Drills for Kids - Pyramid Suicide Drill: What I particularly like about this drill is the placement of tennis balls on each line, so the youth athlete has to bend down to grab the ball (no fake grabs here.) Suicide drills build up explosive leg motion, improve balance and promotes fitness.

For the Older Athletes
Sveto's Tennis Footwork Drills (Part III): I particularly like the "Triangle Drill" at the 2:00 mark. The forward, backward and side to side motion reflect actual movements that occur during a game. Also, learning to change directions mid-stride will improve your footwork and ultimately your tennis game.