Class this week at Jackie Robinson was awesome, recalls Site Leader Michelle Gee. Everyone was happy that we didn't get rained out and that attendance was still high. 

Michele led her students in the basic fundamentals of the forehand groundstroke. She also had the opportunity to introduce the forehand volley. The majority of the students were divided into three stations that rotated approximately every 10 minutes.

A fourth station had a lesson plan that was specifically designed for the older, more advanced students that can play on a full-sized court.

Although we are just in the third week, the children are improving at an amazing rate. The volunteers are doing an incredible job of reinforcing a team mentality and the importance of working together.

During the off-court session, led by Ian, we talked about healthy eating and its benefits. The children seemed to be very engaged.

Overall, Michelle is much looking forward to the rest of the season! She is proud to lead an amazing group of young athletes.