Class this week at Sumner was amazing! We continued practicing backhands after introducing them last week.

Class started out with a quick warmup and stretching with all the volunteers and students. We also played a few quick games of Tennis Freeze Tag. The students had to balance a ball on their racquets while walking around the court. If tagged, they became "frozen" and had to wait for a teammate to unfreeze them. The game would end whenever all the participants were frozen.

Following Freeze Tag, students were divided by age into two groups. Our stations for the week were backhand, fitness, hand-eye, and self-hit forehand. 

During the off-court discussion led by our Educational Coordinator, Meredith, we discussed strength training and cardio training. To better understand strength training, students watched one volunteer, Nick, perform push-ups and another volunteer, Amanda, perform a plank--both in perfect form! While we were done with our discussion, the kids enjoyed Kind Bars as a healthy snack.

Our last activity for the day was Breakout with backhands. The kids did an amazing job with their backhands. Katelynn, one of our youngest Sumner participants, was declared the winner!

We finished the day by gathering together, putting our hands all in, and cheering out, "Sumner!"