We almost had another rainout this Saturday, but, fortunately, the sun came out just in time for the start of class. With the threat of a weather-related cancellation, though, Tompkins Tennis Club had a relatively small showing of six children. On the bright side, less children facilitated individualized attention from our volunteers and staff.



The day's lesson combined groundstrokes and serves for the older, more skilled children. As mentioned, low student attendance allowed for some one-on-one coaching. The advanced students received personal instruction from volunteers to strengthen their forehands, backhands and serves. Meanwhile, the younger students player fruit salad, a favorite group game among smaller kids that reminds them about healthy food.

The off-court discussion for the day addressed Learning Styles. The students were encouraged to describe the scenarios in which they can most easily take in new information. What a pertinent topic for a day that included plenty of learning!

Tompkins Site Leader Tina pointed out one female student's noticeable improvement as the highlight of the class. The student, who, in weeks past, has been very frustrated with herself, made major gains this week in hitting her single-handed forehand and double-handed backhand. Tina recognized that this child has begun developing more self-confidence as a result of this physical accomplishment.