Official Tournament Rules


  • Competitive: A single-elimination tournament for singles players with 4.0 NTRP ratings and above.

  • Recreational: Non-elimination singles Round Robin for players with 3.5 NTRP ratings or lower or for recreational tennis enthusiasts who do not know their ratings.

Registration and Payment
Registration for the tournament has closed.

First Round Match Assignment
Following the registration deadline, players should receive their initial match assignments by Thursday, June 29 along with contact information for all tournament players.

Tournament Timeline
Each round lasts 12 days, with new match assignments issued on Thursdays and scores reported the next Tuesday at midnight.

  • ROUND 1: Assignments issued Thursday, June 29
                     Matches played and reported by Tuesday, July 11 at midnight

  • ROUND 2: Assignments issued Thursday, July 13
                     Matches played and reported by Tuesday, July 25 at midnight

  • ROUND 3: Assignments issued Thursday, July 27
                     Matches played and reported by Tuesdsay, August 8 at midnight

  • ROUND 4: Assignments issued Thursday, August 10
                     Matches played and reported by Tuesday, August 15 at midnight

  • ROUND 5: Assignments issued Thursday, August 24
                     Matches played and reported by Tuesday, September 5 at midnight

Each match is an eight-game pro set. The match is played until one player reaches eight games by a margin of two (i.e. 9-7). In the event of an 8-8 tie, a seven-point tiebreaker is played to achieve a 9-8 win. No-ad scoring is enforced.

Opponents have the flexibility to determine a mutually convenient time and location for play. Free courts are available at Marcy Playground (Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn), McKinley Park (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn), Cooper Park (East Williamsburg, Brooklyn). South Oxford Park (Fort Greene, Brooklyn) and Hudson River Park (Greenwich Village, Manhattan). A full directory of all other courts for permit holders is available on the NYC Parks Department website.


  • If a player fails to show up for a match or is significantly late (to the extent that it prevents completion), a forfeit will be awarded to his or her opponent.

  • If a player cannot be available to complete a match before the round's end-date, he or she will forfeit as long as two or more play time/location options have been offered by the opponent.

  • In the exception that neither player can agree on a date, they should contact Dave Webley and their Tournament Managers (Gene and Danielle), per below.

Reporting Scores to Tournament Managers
The winner of each match will report the score in accordance with the Tournament Timeline below. Competitive players should report their scores to Gene Liaw. Recreational players should report their scores to Danielle Plafsky.

Tennis Balls
Both players bring a new can of balls to the match. The winner keeps the unused can for his or her next match.

The winner and runner-up in each division will receive awards at the Annual Community Jamboree & Youth Tournament on September 16.

Questions, Concerns, or Feedback?
Email Dave Webley, Program Manager and/or Lauren McGrath, Marketing Director.