Week Two of the 2019 Winter Program

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KCTL Students of the Week (Pratt): Ada and Yuri

Ava (left) was chosen because she showed dedication by playing in both sessions! She was so interested in practicing that she joined her older friends is session one to get extra tennis rather than sitting and watching her brother play during the first session. 

Yuri (right) showed courage because he played tennis for the first time in his new glasses. He was nervous about trying something new but after a few rusty minutes, he found his timing. He didn’t give up!

Copy of Student of the Week Template.jpg

KCTL Students of the Week (Ingersoll): Kailyn and Sa’Mya

Kailyn (left) was chosen because of her amazing listening skills. Every time a coach gave her something to work on, she listened to their advice and made the necessary changes!

Sa'Mya (right) was very respectful during her session and followed all directions. At the end of the session she even organized her court and stacked all the rackets in a neat pile.