2019 Summer Program

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Week Two Student of the Week: James, Tompkins

Tompkins student of the week for week two is James Terry! He is a returning student to KCTL and shows a great deal of  support and positivity to the new students who have recently joined the program. He offers advice, encouragement and demonstrated the basics of how our program is run by always listening, paying attention and applying what is being taught. Through the active support from his mom and younger sister he helped gear the progress with the younger age group. He asked questions and although not every activity was his best, he gave 100% effort and a can-do attitude! His poise-fullness and optimistic approach helped motivate others around him during program. James learned new skill sets and accurately applied them where he saw fit. His diligence, enthusiasm and contagious smile helped him become student of the week. Go James!

Copy of Student of the Week Template.jpg

Week One Student of the Week: Angelina, Sumner

Sumner’s student of the week for June 1 is Angelina Patrizio. She is a new student to KCTL and showed outstanding courage by moving through frustration and discouragement in the first part of the class on Saturday. Angelina regrouped and for the last hour of class she tried her best and was fearless about learning new skills. She balanced a ball on her racquet, learned the split step and was willing to receive feedback.