Week Four of Fall After-School: Janelly M.


KCTL Student of the Week (Fall After-School): Janelly M.

One of the original students of KCTL’s summer Sumner site, Janelly is an energetic and passionate tennis player who brings her best self to the tennis court every day she’s at after-school.

This past week she even showed up with one of the 30-day challenges for the Fall After-School Program, home-made trail mix! Give it up for Janelly!

Week Two of Fall After-School: Nadia L.


KCTL Student of the Week (Fall After-School): Nadia L.

After an exciting and successful 2018 Summer Program with KCTL, Nadia decided to continue all her hard work and enthusiasm in the Fall After-School Program!

Nadia is known by her instructors as an extremely hard-working and committed tennis player who has showcased a passionate love of the game. Congrats to Nadia!

Week One of Fall After-School: Heaven M.


KCTL Student of the Week (Fall After-School): Heaven M.

This year is Heaven’s first time participating in both KCTL and tennis as a whole! Not only is she a great student of the sport, she also listens to and follows instructions very well.

Each day at after-school, Heaven brings a positive intensity to the court that motivates both her fellow students and instructors.

August 18: DJ A. (Jackie Robinson)


KCTL Student of the Week (Jackie Robinson): DJ A.

DJ is one of our veteran students. He is a responsible big brother who has been with JR from the beginning. We love his listening skills and enthusiasm for our class. He recently shared a really interesting fact for our "Team USA Day" that Ben Franklin originally wanted the national animal to be a turkey before it was an eagle. He also likes to read and make friends. He also did a great job today in our off-court poetry session by demonstrating to our class how to spell RESPECT. He is a joy to have on our site. 

August 6: Hans-Jaiden A. (Marcy)


KCTL Student of the Week (Marcy): Hans-Jaiden A.

Jaiden, as he likes to be called, is a first-year tennis student at Marcy. In addition to tennis, Jaiden enjoys playing soccer and basketball with his big brother, Jodley. 

An upcoming kindergarten student, Jaiden has made a great impression with the staff at Marcy this summer with his excellent attitude, quick learning, and enthusiasm for the sport of tennis.

July 28: Rihanna M. (Sumner)


KCTL Student of the Week (Sumner): Rihanna M.

Rihanna M. has been playing tennis at the Sumner site for three years. Over these years, Rihanna has shown a great deal of improvement with her tennis skills. Said skills were exhibited at the Davis Cup where she and her teammate won all their matches!

Each week Rihanna comes to class with a heart filled with courage and determination. Because of this, Rihanna is Student of the week!

July 21: Isaac (Jackie Robinson)


KCTL Student of the Week (Jackie Robinson): Isaac

This week's student of the week is Isaac from Jackie Robinson! Not only is he consistently on time to class, but he also comes prepared with a healthy snack and the drive to give his all to the game of tennis.

In addition to playing tennis, he particularly enjoys the social aspect of the sport and all the friends that it has brought him. Give it up for Isaac!

June 23: Janelly M. (Sumner)


KCTL Student of the Week (Sumner): Janelly M.

Janelly M. is KCTL’s student of the week because she consistently shows up to play with a hardworking and open-minded attitude. She has played tennis for one year and has improved tremendously due to her diligence and willingness to take suggestions and try new things. She truly enjoys “getting better and hitting the ball farther with my backhand.” Janelly plays tennis in KCTL’s summer program and GoGirlGo!.

Outside of playing tennis she likes to color and read comic books.

June 16: Romain M. (Marcy)


KCTL Student of the Week (Marcy): Romain M.

Romain, a first-time KCTL student at Marcy and an avid athlete who loves playing basketball and soccer, is now excited to add tennis to his list of favorite sports!

In addition to tennis, Romain is eager to start second grade this coming September mostly because of the all the experiments he will now get to explore in his science class. Specifically, he is hoping to build his own robot in class.

All of Marcy's staff have shared glowing compliments about Romain: he's polite, follows instructions well, and is always willing to help his fellow players and staff if and when called upon.

June 9: London-Samone R. (Tompkins)


KCTL Student of the Week (Tompkins): London-Samone R.

Having just joined KCTL this season, London-Samone is already spreading her enthusiasm and positive energy throughout the Tompkins family. As a six-year-old in the 1st grade, she looks forward to participating in the KCTL Program every Saturday.

Her willingness to learn, meet new friends and encourage others is infectious. “I like when my family comes to watch me play," said London-Samone. "They are going to see me get better.” In addition to tennis, she also loves the color pink, playing soccer, and making new friends. Outside of KCTL she aspires to be a firefighter and with the support of her family, she is destined to be a star.


June 2: Emma-Joy S. (Jackie Robinson)


KCTL Student of the Week (Jackie Robinson): Emma-Joy S.

Emma-Joy`s first KCTL session was this week and although she was nervous, she stated that she was ready to go and almost immediately started making friends with her fellow KCTL classmates. She explained, “I'm always ready for fun and ready to learn.”

She listed her goals for the summer as being: “to have fun, get better at tennis, and meet new friends.” She is already working hard on these goals right out of the gate. Emma-Joy is six-years-old and apart from the friends she's already made throughout the day, she also found an old classmate that participates in KCTL.

She said her favorite athlete is Serena Williams because of how hard she works and how she inspires to be the best. She said by the end of the summer she hopes to improve and be at the top of her game, similar to Serena Williams.

Although she says she is just a beginner, during forehand drills she was targeting and hitting the ball well. A natural talent! When asked about her first day at KCTL, she said, “it was a great day. I already knew it was going to be a fantastic day, that’s all I wanted, just a good day.”


March 25: Emeka A. (Session 2)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 2): Emeka A.

Emeka is a hard worker on the court with a penchant for long rallys and hitting his particularly strong forehand. Outside of tennis he likes to play soccer and video games. 

“KCTL is making me a better tennis player,” said Emeka. He’s looking forward to the summer so that he can practice more and bring his backhand up to the level of his forehand. 

March 25: Jayden S. (Session 1)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 1): Jayden S.

“My favorite part of tennis is when it all comes together and we all have fun while playing,” said Jayden, KCTL’s student of the week for session one. He also had something similar to say about KCTL as whole, particularly the annual Jamboree which he says is made more fun when “we all bring food and hang out together.”

Outside of tennis, Jayden enjoys playing soccer and video games.


March 17: Gabriella P. (Session 2)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 2): Gabriella P.

Gabriella is KCTL's student of the week because she gave extra hard effort during a volley game with all boys older than her. She stepped in and held her own as a younger student. She says she likes tennis because she can “put power on the ball.” She is a powerful person who displays the courage it takes to do things that are not easy.

March 17: Katelynn E. (Session 1)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 1): Katelynn E.

Katelynn is KCTL's student of the week because of the determination she puts behind everything she does on court. She enjoys hitting overheads, playing doubles, and playing points. Doubles is fun because “if you can't get to the ball, you can ask your partner to hit it.” She enjoys winning, doing math and exercising.


March 10: Zorea D. (Session 2)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 2): Zorea D.

Zorea is a hard worker who believes persistence is the best way to improve her game. “I will try again if I need to get better at something. I think I can get better at backhands and that’s why I like to hit them. I think learning new things in tennis is fun.”

Zorea enjoys dance, run track and sing. When she gets older she wants a house with a tennis court in the backyard. She also loves sneakers, especially Adidas, Vans and Jordans.

March 10: Kavon G. (Session 1)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 1): Kavon G.

Kavon is KCTL’s student of the week because of his easy going attitude and enthusiasm for learning. Kavon enjoys playing games and points like King of the Court and Breakout. He likes to exercise and is one of KCTL’s most hard working students. He is thoughtful and considerate on and off the tennis court. Kavon enjoys learning about history and playing video games. He is currently learning about WW1 and the American Revolution.


March 3: Lily B. (Session 2)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 2): Lily B.

Lily B. is KCTL’s student of the week because she is courageous and willing to try new things with a smile. She thinks tennis “is a good opportunity to learn something new" and helps her "get a lot of exercise.” She decided to play tennis because she thought it was really cool and always wanted to learn how to play like Serena. She is learning about backhands and forehands. She likes to dance and when she grows up she wants to be a very famous fashion designer. Lily is in 3rd grade.


March 3: Isaiah F. (Session 1)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 1): Isaiah F.

Isaiah F. is almost 13 years old started playing tennis about five years ago. He was chosen as KCTL’s student of the week because he is always willing to try something new, takes suggestions well, and give 100% effort.

Isaiah learned about KCTL from a flyer he received at school which he took home to his mom. He likes everything about tennis: “The forehand, backhand, slices and overheads.” For fun, he likes to stay home and play on his computer.


February 24: Jonathan T. (Session 2)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 2): Jonathan T.

Jonathan is KCTL winter session two student of the week. He has steadily improved his tennis game in just a short period of time, saying, “I know it takes practice, so I keep playing.” He started playing tennis last summer at Sumner Tennis Club. He is learning a lot about footwork and bending his knees to get the ball over the net. He likes to make new friends and enjoys being active.

Tennis improves his strength and helps him meet new kids. He is nine years old and in 4th grade.

In addition to tennis, he likes playing soccer and video games.

February 24: Michael M. (Session 1)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 1): Michael M.

Michael is KCTL’s student of the week for winter session one. He has a positive attitude that he says comes from his parents. “They teach me that it doesn’t matter if I win or lose as long as I have fun and am nice.”

He enjoys learning about using the correct grip to hit groundstrokes and coming to KCTL so he can make new friends.

Michael enjoys playing video games and playing tennis.


February 17: Kyle C. (Session 2)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 2): Kyle C.

Kyle Corbin likes to play tennis because “you get to run and exercise.” He was chosen for KCTL’s student of the week because of his determination to improve his groundstrokes. Kyle spent extra time with a volunteer to improve his aim. “I learned that wherever I put my shoulders, the ball goes exactly in the direction my shoulders are turned.”

He enjoys winning games and he has a positive attitude because he “feels happy all the time.”

February 17: Madison B. (Session 1)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 1): Madison H

Madison Hird has played tennis with KCTL for two years and was chosen student of the week because she carries a positive attitude throughout the entire class. When she smiles, it spreads to the students around her.

She enjoys tennis because it gives her “the feeling of everybody helping, getting active and trying something new.”

She likes being active because it helps her feel more positive and healthy. She says KCTL is “awesome.”

February 3: Alexander L. (Session 2)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 2): Alexander L.

Alexander Lopez has been playing tennis for two years. He is ten years old. He likes tennis because “it is a game of cunning. You have to find out your opponent’s techniques. Tennis is a game of knowledge.”

Alexander is eager to help and first to raise his hand when asked questions about tennis or KCTL’s norms.

He likes learning about volleys. He says he has had a positive attitude “since I was one year old.”

February 3: Amina M. (Session 1)


KCTL Student of the Week (session 1): Amina Moses

Amina describes herself as a happy person who has tight friendships.

“My friends, we are always there for each other, no matter what. We’ll fight because we are not perfect people. You just got to know these are people who love you and care about you. You can’t push them away. People who you known for a long time who you stick with will love and care for you back.”

She says she attracts people with her happiness and smile. She likes to dance and bake things like brownies and cakes. Amina is in the 6th grade and 12 years old. She has a brother who also plays in KCTL.

She thinks tennis is fun. Serena Williams inspires her to do tennis. She likes playing a game, and playing tennis with friends. “I get to learn and have fun. That’s a big thing for me.”

Recently she learned how to volley and control her power to “keep the ball in the green.”

Outside of tennis, she has learned she has to be herself and not try to be like other people.

“That’s all I can be at the end of the day. All I can be is me.”


KCTL's "Student of the Week" feature is updated every Wednesday to recognize one player's outstanding behavior and/or effort from the previous Saturday class. Each honoree is selected through the careful review of our Site Leaders and Educational Coordinators.