September 20: Demetrius W.

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KCTL Student of the Week: Demetrius Jones Worthington

Although only 10, Demetrius Jones Worthington is a already a veteran KCTL player. He started playing six years ago and remains a consistent student who always shows up early - ready to learn and work hard. During the week, Demetrius practices playing tennis against a wall in his building and this has made a big difference in his game. He has a powerful forehand and good volleying skills.

Demetrius is a natural leader who is respected by his fellow KCTL students. He loves tennis so much that he recently stopped playing organized football so he can concentrate on competitive tennis. He recently told his mother he wants to know what it takes to become a professional tennis player.

Demetrius is curious and enjoys learning new things on and off the court. His favorite subjects are math and science.  He enjoys school and makes sure he completes his homework on time.


KCTL's "Student of the Week" feature is updated every Wednesday to recognize one player's outstanding behavior and/or effort from the previous Saturday class. Each honoree is selected through the careful review of our Site Leaders and Educational Coordinators.